Linking delivery note field to sales order

Trying to link a specific field from a delivery note to the sales order. We are linking the sales order to the delivery note already and this is being tracked in the “connections”. But what we’re doing is we ship sometimes 4-5 shipments of 1 sales order (coming from different factories, fulfillment times are different etc) and therefore we bill off the sales order instead of the delivery note so the customer doesn’t get 4-5 invoices. We have a field on the delivery note already called “tracking number”, how can we get this tracking number from all 4-5 delivery notes to automatically populate onto the already submitted sales order so when we create an invoice from the SO, it will reference ALL the tracking numbers from the 4-5 different delivery notes?
Along these same lines, if we wanted shipping amounts that were added onto each delivery note to be fetched to the SO, so there would be 4-5 shipping amounts on the SO as well so we can bill properly. Options to do this to the SO?
Or if we create an invoice from the sales order, option to fetch all of these items (all tracking numbers for all delivery notes and all shipping costs from all delivery notes) and have this automatically added to the invoice?

Hi Joe,

I think you need to put on your developer persona to be able to address this. I think it’a not too hard to be able to do it.

If you are not much a developer, find one here on the community that can do this for you.

Hope this helps.