Linking new apps to existing Frappe/ERPNext app


I am making a new application and I need to get some information from an existing app in ERPNext. Can you help me in doing this? For example, I want to create a new doctype and need to link a value to the HR app. How shall I do this one?

Thank you.


You can create a new Link field in your doctype with an ERPNext doctype in the options.

It would be better if you give specific examples to receive any substantial help



Example is with the tutorial on Library App in Frappe. If I want to get the names or IDs from employee data of ERPNext as reference to my app , how can I do this?

You still need to be more specific. Like how do you want to it, as list or a simple employee. Also, where are you going to use it? Be very very very specific.

Anand Doshi



How can I link the ‘employee name’ in HR module of ERPNext to my ‘member name’ in my new app?

ERPNext (HR->Employee->EmployeeNumber or HR->Employee->EmployeeName) LINK TO MyAPP(AppName->Member->MemberNumber or AppName->Member->MemberName)


@domengsantino now that’s so well defined :smile:

  1. Set the fieldtype of Member Number as “Link” and options as “Employee” (assuming the fieldname is member_number".
  2. Set the fieldtype of Member Name as “Read Only” and options as member_number.employee_name

Now if you select an Employee (Member Number) inside Member, the Employee Name value will be fetched automatically into Member Name field.



Thanks for this. I’ll try this.