Linking Projects into Customer

This in the online demo account I’m trying.

I have customized the Projects form to add a link to Customer. When I make a new project, I can select/add/edit Customers as expected.

I then tried to customize the Customer form. I added a Table to the Customer form that points to Projects. The table appears in the Customer view but it is empty – it has two columns related to Projects but no data. If I click Add New Row (out of curiousity), it kicks me back to the desktop.

How can I make list of all Projects assigned to a Customer show up when viewing that Customer record. Is there a different field type I should use?

We TOTALLY SECOND this suggestion!

From our experience; the TOP Section of the CUSTOMER View in ERPv4 was much better / easier to navigate accross the dfifent devices.

For example, once the user selected the Customer, they could then see:

It would be a MASSIVE help to use if there was the PROJECTS BUTTON (or LINK as it is now) that would display ALL of the PROJECTS related to that Client.

We use th e PROJECTS for EVERY TIME we perfrom ANY duties for the Clients.

Our process is:

We then create a TIME LOG that related to the specific TASK in the Project.

  1. Client General Systems Support
  2. Client Network Upgrade Project

We then create a TASK for the GENERAL day-to-day duties performed.

IF we could simply open the CUSTOMER and link to the PROJECT this would save us the grief of having to try to SEARCH for Projects etc.

Your thoughts Team??
Kind regards,

Mark | RECiPHER GROUP Melbourne

@reciphergroup added Project link to Customer!

Man - that is just AWESOME :smile:

One little issue (for me)…my developers are away and I need to run the command to UPDATE…

I have ssh access etc. however can you please let me know how we can update our system so that the PROJECTS appears linked to customer (as above)?

Much Love!

im suggesting…wait for your developer becaus update sometimes is not as simple as that espesially when you had some custom codes

I am able to add Custom Field of type “link” into the Customer form – which is a great start but is it possible to do type “table” – this way I can see them all listed out?

You need to create a new DocType for adding a Table (see Quotation and Quotation Item)

but what you are trying to do is not a very good pattern.

Gotcha, thanks, I’ll look into it.

Assume, These customers are treated like Donors, Sometimes more than one Donor contributes to a single Projects, How can they be associated with the single project, since it allows only on Customer (Donor).