Linking Selling with Buying Section

Hi Guys,

Need your input on something.

Generally what the process we have in mind now is to first raise an RFQ for a couple of items (say around 1000-2000 items per RFQ) to multiple suppliers. I want the ability to be able to upload these multiple quotations from the suppliers, and use the prices/items that I select to respond back to the customers with a quotation.

Can I for example combine the item lists and price lists of multiple suppliers for the RFQ into a customer quotation, with the margin (as per the price list by customer). Problem here is that I don’t want to add the pricing information to the master price list, what I really want to do is raise the quotation, based on the supplier’s quote (with the item/quantity and price), and use that to combine for a quotation.

Because of the sheer number of items in the initial RFQ, it might be that most suppliers would not be able to quote all the line items, but infact some might quote for some number of items, and the others the remaining amount. Hence the need to combine multiple Supplier Quotation to create one single Customer Quotation.


Here are the steps to manage this scenario.

  1. Create Material Request and RFQ for which Supplier Quotation is needed.
  1. Create Material Request and RFQ for which Supplier Quotation is needed.
  2. Add Supplier as a User, so that they can login to your ERPNext account, and submit their Quotation.
  3. Based on the Price Quoted by Supplier, Item Price record will be created automatically.
  4. Create Pricing Rule to define your Margin.
  5. When creating Customer Quotation, let item prices fetch from Price List where price quoted by Suppliers are saved.
  6. Based on the Pricing Rule, Item’s Rate will be re-calculated, with your margin added.

Hope this helps.

Hi Umair,

This is good, but some of our line items are a bit too large (around 2000 line items), so is there anyway we can enable them to upload a csv file instead of editing and manually adding files.



Maybe you would have to customize to open restricted access to supplier so that they can upload data using similar functionality as to the data import tool