Linking SSL Certificate with the bench

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to link the SSL Certificate to my bench. I have a bench of the 15th version.

“db_name”: “db_name”,
“db_password”: “db_password”,
“db_type”: “mariadb”,
“encryption_key”: “key”,
“server_script_enabled”: 1,
“user_type_doctype_limit”: {
“employee_self_service”: 30
“domains”: [
“domain”: “”,
“ssl_certificate”: “/home/pc/Documents/Certificate/”,
“ssl_certificate_key”: “/home/pc/Documents/Certificate/”

This is my site_config.json.

I have a certificate that has been purchased from the emsign, I don’t want to create a new one with Let’s Encrypt.

I have followed this document.

Please guide me on how to configure the certificate.