Linking Tax Template based on Tax id'

I am curious to know how I can achieve the simple logic of users pulling the right tax template

For Example, All Maharashtra State Customer Tax ids start with 27, and in that case if my user wrongly pulls “out of state GST” tax template, then there should be a error display

And Vice Versa, lets say if the GST ID is “not” beginning with “27” and if the user wronly pulls the “in-state GST” tax template, then there should a error display


That also makes me to think…

What if during any of the doc type, if GST Tax id begins with “27”, let the tax templete be automatically populated with “In state GST”

Alternatively, if the GST Tax id of the customer / supplier “does not” begins with “27” let the tax template be automatically pulled as “Out of State GST”


You can create Tax Rule where it will automatically fetch the tax template based on the State of the customer.

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It should also validate company billing address gst state if have multiple company.

@Smit_Vora, Any update? what if there a multiple companies on a single bench?

Have you tested?