Linking Timesheet to an Issue

at first i know the status, that inside of a task i have the button “view” > “timesheet”.
So i know, there is a link between a task and a timesheet.

I also use issues, and sometimes i want to track them.
But idont have the view-button.

I have a button “make timesheet”, manually added, to set up a timesheet - ist is just a switch to a new timesheet. But it is not linkted.

So my question, what steps have to be done, to link them together - the timesheet and the issue?
Thanks a lot

I can’t give you a solution to your problem, but I have found, that when adding custom-fields this doesn’t automatically make a link to the DocType. What I mean, ist that when you go Menue->Links you will not see a link. Neither will the red dots indicating that something is linked and opened will not appear.