Linking values not working (from official tutorial)

I’m following the official tutorial at
But I got stuck at here.
In the tutorial it says " Here if you remember we had set the values of Member First Name and Member Last Name to be directly fetched from the Member records and as soon as you will select the member id, the names will be updated. "
But its not happening for me.
Help me out, please.
here are some screenshots.


please check if it works in Full Page view

It doesn’t. any other way around?

Which version do you use?
in v11 you should add library_member.first_name to the Fetch From field

thank you very much for the reply. it does get the work done. but the fields aren’t filled dynamically. could you pls help me out in this regard as well?
again, thnk you very much.

sorry, but I cann’t understand.
you moved it to fetch from, right?
and it doesn’t work in the dialog or in the full page too?

as in the screenshot, these are the two fields that were supposed to be filled automatically as soon i selected the doctype as shown in the next screenshot

But the values in the above read only fields are shown only after i submit the form. Its not happening real time.
can you help with this? any kind of suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Hi @NMyshuk for me works only in full view form.

In the dialog the field didn’t fill up automatically.

Is it could be fixed?