Links Dialog extreme loading time

While implementing ERPNext at our company we found that the Links Dialog
“Customer” → “Menu” → “Links” gets extremely slow.

Currently we hold about 10k Customers with one Address and one Contact each.
Because of the automation we implemented we have around 25k entries in the activity log.
Loading times for that query exceeds 60 secs, so basically the dialog is useless.

We could life with the dialog to be slow but for our automated merge process we need the equivalent api call. We lookup all links of a customer to cleanup after a merge.

Also we will see that alle DocTypes will increase in number very fast, so the query will be even slower.
Our current workaround is to truncate the activity log table by hand.

If we appreciate if you could look into this.
If you need more information please let me know.

Kind regards
//Seibert/Media GmbH

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10k Customers is not a very large number. You will have to profile your merge script to see what is taking time, some simple indexing could help.

Thanks we will look into that.
BTW: Its not only our script thats slow, its even some UI elements like the Links Dialog.

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