Links in Sales order is not showing the right status

I am using version 5.6.4. We realized that when we click the links menu in the sales order (may be some other documents), the sales invoice link is not showing the right status of the invoice. The invoice has not been paid (which is shown correctly when we use the sales invoice list. But in the link, it is showing paid. And sometimes, it just show submitted only.


Thanks for reporting it. Please post it on Github as well.

While trying to replicate the issue, I felt that status for linked document was fetching from Cache. I was able to replicate the issue you reported. But after I reloaded the page, and then checked Links, status for the linked document was shown correctly.

I have created an issue in Github.

I have had the same observation as you. But the issue keeps coming back and the users won’t know when it is showing the right status.