Links to download file backup - ERPNext: v11.1.47 (master)

Hi, I want to set the download link to the correct domain, however the current download link shows: http://site1.local:8000/backups/20190812_221815-site1_local-files.tar.
The address //site1.local: etc. is not the correct domain address, where ErpNext is running.

How/where do I set the correct download link.
Thanks for your help.

you can use instance IP:8000/path/to/file
or change site name to proper domain name

Change the nginx.conf file.

cd frappe-bench/config
vim nginx.conf


server {
        listen 80;
        root /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites;

Change site1.local to your domain name

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My file in

Thanks for your suggestions. I omitted to mention, that Erpnext runs in Docker.

Hence checking through the image, I could not find any settings, which put the right download address in the email message “Please use following links to download file backup”.

The links below is typically the docker location. Where can I set the proper address?

Public Files Backup: http://site1.local:8000/backups/20190813_210816-site1_local-files.tar
Private Files Backup: http://site1.local:8000/backups/20190813_210816-site1_local-private-files.tar

Meanwhile I did found a reference to “site1.local” under “/frappe-bench/sites/currentsite.txt” which containers “site1.local”. However unclear is yet where this address is set?

Thanks for your help

you just change in nginx.conf no need to change currentsite.txt