List extended filters with link/relation

Hi everybody,

I am wondering if there is a way to extend the possible filter criteria somehow (even via custom coding).

What I exactly mean is:
Let’s say I want to filter the “Contact” list by those contacts, which own a User, so have a User relationship.
And perhaps get one relation deeper to get “those, which have a specific permission role”:
So get me all Contacts, which have a user, with the the Role “System Manager”.

(I could create a custom (SQL) query for this dedicated selection, but this doesn’t fit my needs, so that’s not what I am looking for)

I need this in the List of the “Contact” DocType.

Is there a way to add a “virtual” (or “synthetic”) property to the DocType Contact, which resolves to (for example) a Yes/No (Column = “Is System Manager?”)

Thanks for your support

All the best

nobody any idea? :confused: