List of all installed python packages wanted

I know that the frappe framework also comes with several python packages like jinja, openpyxl and lxml. I would like to know which packages are also included.
So far I tried:

cd ~/frappe-bench/env
pip list

Which list interesting stuff, but neither openpyxl nor lxml are included in this this list. So the list is incomplete. The list also does not include any packages I included using requirements.txt.

How do I get the complete list of all python packages available for my project/app?

You’ll need to ‘activate’ the Python Virtual Environment, before calling pip list. This should work:

cd ~/frappe-bench
source env/bin/activate
pip list

To leave the Virtual Environment, just type this:


Thank you, this was very helpful.

It’s even simpler: bench pip list
I’m using bench version 5.17.2