List of all invoice numbers

I want to see the list of all the invoice numbers in custom html script. can some help

You can probably use a jinja script to get this

Can you share some hint please

or code sample

Have a look at the following page that explains how to create a custom script report.

To get started, I will suggest you copy an existing report and change that. For your purposes the “Invoice Register” might be a good starting point.

So to summarise

  • Log in as an administrator
  • Go to the report and “Edit” the “Sales Register” report. Take note of the values on the report details page.
  • Create a new report, give it a new name and copy the remaining values as in the report edit screen for the Sales Register
  • On disk, copy the directory
    to a new name (the directory name must match your new report name)
  • Edit the new files
  • Refresh your installation
  • Enjoy