List of Companies using ERPNext

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If any one has compiled comprehensive list of companies having implemented ERPNext and using it , Kindly share with me , I need this to sell ERPNext Internally to our Management


@Rajneesh_Sheth Hi there are no list as ERPNext is sold by many service providers. Estimated guess would be about 3000 across the globe. There is no central data that can back this. Below is statement by Rushab on one of the post.

We are using erpnext for our mobile phone Van sales… we manage more than 400 customers, cash sales, credit sales, inventory, serial numbers, multiple warehouses (only driver/sales user assigned to that warehouse can sell what they have), purchase, HP mobile printer, tablets etc with ERPNEXT…

Erpnext foundation should show case study to spread this software… very powerful and simple to use software…


You sound like a great example, please how about contribute your own case here Share Your ERPNext Story


The number of ERPnext users cannot be estimated as per now but as for my company has deployed for 8 companies in Uganda.
This is just the best single ERP the world has ever got. as a managing director dealing in developing ERPs for companies we were really relieved.
My great thanks Go to the team in India for this amazing work done. Odoo must really think about what ERPnext is doing and adopt the idea.
Thank ERPnext for the building the next generation ERP.


Hi @Riyas_Rawther Would you be able to give information on how you manage van sales. Kindly provide the hardware (printer, tablets etc) model numbers used inside the sales van. I have a similar requirement.

With your use case I can easily find the hardware. Thank you.

Great work. What kind of business activities are these 8 companies involved in?

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I am doing this as well. (Special Note: I am using version 10 ERPNext. This solution does not work as well with version 12 due to the new desk 2.0 menu system.)

For the truck/van drivers I setup Asus 10 inch tablets (Android) provided by the cellular wireless provider running Chrome browser. The screen resolution is enough that we do NOT have to use the outdated ERPNext android app. We can treat the tablet as if it is a full size PC.

By using the wireless carrier to provide the internet access, the “WiFi” function of the tablet is then available for connecting to the printers.

This is accomplished by adding the HP Printing application to the tablet. Then HP Officejet 6500 series printers are setup with power inverters in the trucks to print the receipts. The HP Officejet printers have a connection mode called “WiFi Direct” that allows the printer to talk to the tablet via wifi while the ERPNext application talks to the server via the wireless carrier broadband connection. WiFi Direct is a separate wifi function built into the Android operating systems and Hewlet Packard has taken advantage of that with their printers.

By using the full size page printer we can get a great deal of information on the receipt.

Hope this helps.



Thank you @bkm. Appreciate the information. May I know which keyboard are you using to scan item barcode? And can this keyboard be made to small size to take less space than the standard one which sometimes covers up more than half of screen in landscape mode.

We are not using a separate keyboard with the tablets assigned to trucks/vans. Instead we have added the Symbol LI4278 barcode scanner. It is connecting to the tablet by bluetooth and is rugged enough to withstand being dropped off the back of the truck several times.

When having to enter text data into the tablet we just use the default android pop-up keyboard. The very high screen resolution of the tablets makes all of this much easier.


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We implemented ErpNext at Amana Medical in South Africa. We are a manufacturer and supplier/reseller of medical products.

We went from manual system to Odoo and back to manual system and then Erpnext in October 2018.

We are using mostly the Selling Modules, and slowly starting to use the warehouse management and plan on using the full MRP and Sales management in the next year, and possibly full chart of accounts in 2021.

While the Sales cycle (Quotation->Sales Order->Delivery->Invoice) works well for us, the work order and MRP has too many steps and this too complex for our small company, where we have a two step reporting structure.

Additionally, many of our staff are not computer literate and we will implement simpler interfaces in future, for example for work orders, packing and attendance.

The tablet used is from Honeywell rugged tablets. But any android tablet with Chrome browser will do.

Regarding the printer, I used HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer with removable battery… The sales person can send the print through wirelessly, the HO staff can send the print to specific printer as an email attachment.