List of VALID options for Custom Forms


Anytime I try to follow a link to this topic, it always falls on an unknown page.

Where is the documentation for all the options we can use in custom forms.



Hi Prod,

What link where do you refer to - maybe it should be fixed?

Google turned up this

And does it include relevant informations for the options you can use?

A glossary of what entry you should type to refer to a particular field in another form?

I’m afraid not.

Anything I’ve been able to do so far is trial and error with a bit of luck.
Now luck has left the building and I’m trying to find the informations.

Do you know more?



Yes docs help fill some gaps. But what also works is to search a bit, check the code and look for patterns, examples and so on.

I’ve been searching for the whole past week with no results and routes back to square one in 1 particular function I’d like to simply add on a printable form using IN software customization. I have 3 topics running on this forum that are all elements of something that will get me closer to the solution and I ask on a dedicated post (here) for a solution that points out the complete lack of documentation on this matter.

You say look harder? In the code?! Wow

Best advice ever. Can’t wait to tell everyone:
ErpNext, in app customization, looking for documentation? Learn python and Json code open the hood to have answers and find the undocumented simple 10 char code that will simply add the supplier name to an item in bom explosion!

I bet your 507 likes didn’t come after answers like you just gave.

Wait i’ll try searching: erpnext customize form options, look the result I just had:

Ho same link again… They mention options refer to a relevant Doctype
Maybe if I read that page 100 times light will come to me. Or maybe if I continue to brute force everything that’s called ‘‘supplier’’ i’ll finally get it right by chance?

Call me arrogant if you want but I don’t get why you are taking the time to tell that kind of ‘‘empty answers’’. You obviously know more than I do so why not help instead.

Anyone else?

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There is NO way that John is holding out on you. ERPNext is open source software and the entire community to trying to make it better. Documentation gets a backseat here just because of human nature. We are sorry that you can’t find the info you need, I am sure others will join the conversation in a few hours if they have ideas of how to help you. Once you do get your answers you are welcome to contribute them to the documentation.


Question : Are you trying to customize (i.e. Add a custom field to a default document ?) or trying to create a web form

A glossary of what entry you should type to refer to a particular field in another form?

This sounds like you want a certain field to fetch values from another document.

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John is a very helpful guy - and in addition, tries to encourage us all to learn at the same time. The community is a learning machine for everyone here.


Thanks for your thoughts Prod.

Try not to get too discouraged…


ok arguably that’s lame advice too!?


I simply want to add the

ITEM Supplier in the Bom explosion view (Printable Document)

Since it’s not included By default on the Bom Explosion Form, I have to add it.
If I got the right entry to fetch the item supplier out of every item in the list, then It should be easy.

I’m trying to keep the setup as stock as possible.

I’ve been able to add some infos and fields in other forms without any problem using obvious logic. But for the item supplier, Default supplier, it sound like it needs a twist.



Okay got it. If I am getting it right, the Item Supplier is mentioned in that particular Item ?

If yes then it can be solved. Can you let me know the version and branch your app is on ? You can get both from the About button.


If Item Supplier is a field in Item, then you can map it like this:

Assuming the name of the Field Item Supplier in Item is item_supplier. Then if your Linked Item field is named item_code then the correct line to mention in Options for wazzo/or whatever you name it is item_code.item_supplier. Also, you’ll have to change this field Wazzo’s type to Data.

Please note when I say name or fieldname, it is not the Label but the value in fieldname. Check the above screenshot. Fieldname and Label are two very different things.

ERPNext: v10.1.58 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.50 (master)

Latest production ready release as far as I know.
Yes, every Item has suppliers and default supplier. I didn’t change the fields name for anything (but Wazzo that was added of course).

I want to get this info In the added column within Bom explosion item

When I lookup inside Item form I see:

So does it mean I simply need to use solution 1 like you suggested? (trying to be more clever) like so:

-(screen shot of Bom Explosion / Customize form)

Still missing something I guess.
It’s late, il try to play with this again tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!


The column don’t even show up when I try this. I can select the value in the printable document but has no effect on the output.


I predict you will nail this Prod

When you do please document your learning.

It’s not just me who is counting on this :slight_smile:

Also too re our opening dialog this may help you


I predict I will have to do fill all the missing informations I needed by hand because the report is for yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I like open source projects but this task is for actual work here and I can’t justify the time that I, even, already spent to do this task.

It’s very unfortunate because there’s probably simply a key element that I didn’t understand yet.

Pretty sure It’s one of the best erps out there and I’d like to contribute, but now we are still in evaluation process and this isn’t helping.

I might look for a solution to this problem on my spare time but I don’t have time anymore to this at work.


Yes the process to learn this takes time and effort Prod

When time and results are key, working in pairs is an ideal way to be productive.

So next time simply invite your boss (or whoever asked you to do this), to pair with you. The idea is all who care for results must also share in the work required.

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I truly understand what you mean and share that point of view. If it was my personal project and/or passion, I’d go all in.

The thing is, we are far from being a software developing company and I’m currently in the process of showing why ERPnext should be our next erp.

I don’t think it has E-ve-ry-thing we need without a bit development and we’ll pay to get to the point we want but before this… Well you know the story. I’m trying to pull all the features that don’t require scripting until I hit the wall.

I don’t think THIS is a wall, simply a lack of documentation AND understanding.