What is an "Installation Note"?

here is the info I have gathered thus far (but seems to be contradictory)

from the manual

You can use installation note to record the instalation of a product having a serial number.

requires that you know the common definition of “installation” in this particular context. This could be something like “installment” (like a partial delivery) or installation (like assembly) of a machine u may have sold

from a forum Topic

I have a scenario in my system like there are 44 Quantities of items in delivery note and I want to prepare the installation note which is installed in 3 stages like 30 Qty 9 Qty and 6 Qty.
While preparing Installation Note I have to retrieve it thrice to enter these three stages

This sound as if the meaning would be be something like a partial delivery (then installment would strike me as a better term. And if that was so (splitting delivery into partial delivieries (aka installments, like in a spplit payment) … why would this be limited to items with a serial number?

Can someone kindly clarify? I’d enhance the manual entry once I grasp the actual logic of it.

This should clear the doubt:

@kennethsequeira thanks for digging this out. So it’s more like a log. Wondering whether the the serial number mentioned in the manual really is required?

Just tested this. Apparently serial no. is not a mandatory requirement for submitting the installation note as there is no validation against it.

Though the document seems to be designed keeping electronic appliances in mind which usually have a serial number is associated with them. But for simply submitting the document, there seems to be no validation so serial number does not look like a necessity.

sent a PR for the manual article thanks @kennethsequeira for helping out

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