List of values for custom field

hi, I’m trying to figure out to how pull attributes of a LINK value into a custom field in a document. for example: I know Company is a Link but how do I get “company abbreviation”.


you can use the add_fetch method in custom script to fetch the value from Company master.

e.g. frm.add_fetch("company", "abbr", "company_abbr")


I think what you need is in this documentation.

so I tried both your suggestions and I couldn’t get it to work. my field is blank. :frowning:

here are screenshots. any ideas?

try company.abbr on options of company_abbr field

Hi @almeidapaulopt, yup. I did try that and it didn’t do anything.

well if you have done “reload” after that change, I have nothing more to help you :frowning2: