List on workspaces?

Hey guys just discovered erpnext and absolutely blown away as a developer how nice this platform is.

Just one question. What would be the best approach towards getting say a list of all tasks that are open and are linked to projects of a certain type. Basically I have complex queries that i want to show the results as nice big tables. Also is it possible to put these big tables in the workspace/home screens

By shown on a list i mean like the below:

Also another thing i would for example need the list feature to show on a workspace would be if I have 2 different departments say software services and also graphic design and print, I would want my graphic designer to have a workspace that they can easily see all the clients that have projects of type GraphicDesign. Employees will only care about all the clients that have graphic design work.

You could try the quick list option in the workspace, adding whatever filters you need.

However if the conditions are complex, relating to multiple doctypes, then you’d be better off creating a custom page and code a similar functionality, with html & css to create your own custom dashboard (the way you want to visualise it.)

I’m not aware of there exists a feature where you can run custom query methods to filter out lists in the workspace.

You can have multiple workspaces restricted by roles (check the workspace doctype form) such that only the workspace relevant to that role will be shown. (With the custom filtered data relevant to that role).

I love the idea of pages but can we make pages show up on nav bar like where workspaces is or can I make a page the first page I see.

You can set up homepage urls via the website settings and redirects through hooks.
You can create a page with the side bar as well to have links and such… So yeah anything is possible.