List records based on filter written in code only

Hello guys,
How can I list records based on predefined filter in code?

can you explain?, list records in client side with Javascript?

Hi, thank you for responding

I wanted to filter the List view based on a field value

Like based on ‘requestedby’ field only.
I don’t want users to see other users data.

I want users to see their requests only based on their user id. They have similar roles but must see their own intended data.

i got it, give me a few minutes for make an example :slight_smile:

Sure, thank you.
Erpnext doesn’t support such a workflow.

Same role, individual views.
The reason I am trying to solve

I’m sorry Sara, Anything yet?

hi!, sorry honey, i had work :stuck_out_tongue:

something like this? or you need list the information in base the current user?


:relaxed: it’s okay, no worries …I just had deadline till March 1st.

The workflow is like the image attached.
Problem is role 1 users must see their intended requests only (based on username ) when filtered from database (server side) I guess.

List view, data filtering in server side is the problem I hope

I fixed it Finally.
Let me kbow if you need to know how I did that.

And I am now trying to disable the filter button