List view Additional Columns

Hi, I would like to add more columns to list view, right now its only showing 3 columns other naming col.

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What specifically have you found and tried, with what actual versus expected results?

A screenshot, pointers to docs and threads and so on will add context to inform and benefit all!

Hi @clarkej, thanks for your response.

I would like to show more columns with the reference to image attached, here Status. Job Number and Machine No are visible. No I would like to show more columns from DocType. Its not allowing me to get more than 3 fields visible in list view.

Hope you got my point.


Perhaps this limit is for good reason and unless I’m mistaken noted somewhere?

edit: Check this for example Add column to list view - #4 by rmehta

Its linked to the post of 2015, I am pretty much sure that this would have been catered in by now.

Yup whatever trial and error update you can find or add would be good


The 3 column limit seems to be a ‘UI real estate’ design constraint Show more number of fields in any doctype list page - #4 by rmehta

A review of the basis for that design would help identify what means exist to overcome that, with say a horizontal scroll bar? I am hardly qualified here

Bump. :slight_smile:

Is there anyone who have solved the issue?

It’s a concious design decision to limit the number of columns in the List View, therefore there’s no easy way to add a column without fiddling with the core code.

To circumvent this issue, you can use Report View in conjunction with Script/Query Report:

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Do you know how to increase the size of the status field


This is the work around."Expand Column"), function() {
				$(this).css({flex : "5"});

hi, can you tell me where to add this, i mean i have to add it in doctype somewhere, or in core app,i am new to frappe, please help

You can add in list view file.

hi, nevermind, i just got the solution, actually in doctype listview setting, when i clicked three dots on top right, then list settings, it showed all column options, btw thanks for reply!