List View and Report permission


I have created field based permission levels in sales order i.e. I have set the permission level 1 for Grand Total filed in sales order so that the User Roles who are having permission level 1 can only see that. I have “TL” user role and “Sales User” user role, Sales users are having permission level “0” and “1”, so they can see the Grand Total filed and “TL” is only having permission level “0” so that they cannot see that field.

The above permission is working when I am creating sales order or view that sales order in print, but in list view the TL are able to see the value and even in Reports the Field is visible, according to me the permissions are correct.

Please let me know if this is a bug or so extra parameters are required to be addressed.


Any comment on this?

Hello @deepak727

Which erpnext version is running?
It seems this problem is appearing with version 11. I am running version v11.1.67 and I am facing it but I was not facing it with version 10.