List view Hidden Field

Hello Guys

I want to hide some fields in the list view. Please help me with this

I want to hide the time and message symbol .


I want to edit the name of fields in the list view. In the lead list view, I want to hide the title field.
For that, I update view settings in customization and add the lead name instead of the title, but after that, it displays 2 fields with the same

Is there any option to hide title fields and edit fields?

Please help me with this.

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Hi @jinsy,

Please apply in the listview client/custom script.

frappe.listview_settings['Lead'] = {
	refresh: function(listview) {


Reload and check it.

Thank You!



Thanks for the reply but it does not work for me.
This is my code

 refresh: function(listview) {
   // $(".frappe-timestamp").hide();
   // $(".avatar-small").hide();


is there any rename option in the list view?


It works on my side.



Sorry @NCP

It works.

Having read some of Nihantra Patel’s posts in the past 5 minutes, I’ve seen tricks for hiding web page elements that haven’t been documented anywhere else in 5 years.

I’ve give some of his replies 100 likes, if I could.


@jinsy You can use the feature from ‘Customize form’ itself in order to solve your query.
Refer to below screen shot-

@murtaza_bk What you’re showing works in most cases.

However, without custom code, there is no way you can Show or Hide these:

  • name
  • creation and modified
  • modified_by and owner
  • docstatus
  • parent, parentfield, and parenttype
  • idx
  • The multi-select check box.
  • The heart-shaped icon for Likes.
  • If you create a DocField named 'enabled' that is a Check, it will appear on the grid automatically (whether you want it to or not!)
    • The list grid also gives this a column name of “Status”. This has confused both myself and a few customers.
  • The text that shows the last modified in Minutes/Hours/Days (e.g. 44 m)
  • The little icon that shows whether there are Comments.

It’s the last 2 that jinsy was asking about.


@brian_pond - Great!
This list helps people to find a way in order to show/hide fields through which method(custom script or customize form). Good job.

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How would you hide the “Status” field? (Not docstatus). Asking specifically for the Delivery Trip list view. It doesn’t appear to have a name that can be hidden. Tried "status" and `“.status”.

I don’t have a great solution for that. I’m not seeing a safe way of selecting just that column.

I managed to hide using the code below. But it feels unsafe just searching for the words ‘Status’ and ‘Draft’. Also, you don’t re-acquire the lost column space. Instead, the column to the left became extra-wide.


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Thanks @brian_pond . It’s a workaround though not quite elegant because of the whitespace it leaves behind.