List View ( How to add child data in Parent table list view)

I have a parent table say “Opportunity” . Inside the table there is a child table “Opportunity Item” . I want to show the Item name from “Opportunity Item Table” on
“Opportunity” List View .
Can any one guide on that, how to achieve this ?

You could create a hidden field (or a visually hidden field) in the parent DocType that get’s the same value as your child table’s field and have that appear in list view.

However, the bigger question is:
Why would you want a value that changes from item to item to appear in list view? If the value does not change from item to item, why does it belong to the child table?

The use case is.

  1. I have few customer
  2. Every customer have few plants
  3. From plant enquiry got generated
  4. And every enquiry consist few Items.

Now from one plant many enquiries can be generated .
From list view we can get the overview of enquiry generation plant wise but which enquiry consist which item that is not visible.
Here the problem arise.

List View wasn’t really designed to identify individual items in an enquiry. Use the report builder for this purpose.

I tried the way you said and that way the purpose is resolved.
Thank you . :slightly_smiling_face:

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