List View in Mobile does not show Document Name


Earlier the LIST view in the mobile version used to show the Document name and other details but view recent and old updates the list view now on mobile view is having only the title as the only detail to be viewed. This really does not auger well for the usability aspect since the users are really not able to find the correct documents from the list view.

Request for the developers to atleast add the name of the document if other details cannot be added.

I am enclosing a list view on mobile for Sales Orders which really is confusing for the users and really purpose of using erpnext on mobile is lost

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Even i have the same issue.
Most of the employees in our company use ERPNext via mobile app.
But as they are not able to see the document name, its difficult for them to search.
So, is there any solution for this issue??

Its a fudge but using a mobile browser you can always choose to select the Desktop version …

It seems that ERPNext Mobile is lacking a bit of care. Some bugs were supposed to be fixed, but are still present with latest ERPNext Mobile 0.0.8 on both Android and iOS, particularly

The latest commit to frappe/mobile was made on Oct 25, 2016, while there were many updates to Cordova since then, including new major release.

Maybe we should start bounty campaign to update the ERPNext Mobile and hunt all the bugs.

Hello @adityaduggal @Varna @Julian_Robbins @strixaluco
We are collecting bounty to resolve this issue and other issues.
Those who would to contribute in the issues or the bounty, kindly share in this link please:


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