List view not working

please share the code in list.js and somebody will be able to help you out. also if there are any errors post screenshots or traceback

frappe.listview_settings['Deviation'] = {
    add_fields: ["status", "over_all_feedback"],
    get_indicator: function(doc) {
        //        console.log(doc);
        if (doc.status === "Feedback Requested") {
            return [__("Feedback Requested"), "red", "status,=,Feedback Requested"];
        } else if (doc.over_all_feedback === "Completed") {
            return [__("Feedback Received"), "green", "status,=,Feedback Received"];


thanks for rly…i don’t know what is the pblm in my code pls any advice

Have you added a hook to this file?

If not, open for your app and add:

doctype_list_js = {"Deviation" : "path/to/your/file.js"}
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Any solution on this?, I having the same Issue

your doctype “Is Submitable” checkbox enable?

yes it is enable

If ‘Is Submitable’ enable list view function working after submit the record.

I didn’t understand. Can you please explain it more?

you done hooks file and list.js it’s rgt? i trying to said the list.js function not called when ‘Is submitable’ check box enable, it’s working only after submit the record(it means docstatus = 1). If is submitable not checked it’s working fine pls try


doctype_list_js = {"test" : "hr/doctype/test/test_list.js"}
doctype_js = {"test" : "hr/doctype/test/test_list.js"}

in test_list.js:

frappe.listview_settings['test'] = {
 refresh: function(frm) { 
 	get_indicator: function(doc) {
 		if(doc.docstatus==1) {
 			return [__("Approved By Employee", "green", "workflow_state,=,Approved By Employee")]

the refresh console log is printed but console log get_indicator not print , why??

becoz ur record did not submit.when ur record reach docstatus == 1 then only inside get_indicator console, refresh console log to replace console.log(frm.doc.docstatus); and tell me what’s print in console

when I replace console.log(frm.doc.docstatus)

frappe.listview_settings['Test'] = {
 refresh: function(frm) { 

I get error
TypeError: Cannot read property 'docstatus' of undefined

I replace it with

and I get error
TypeError: Cannot read property 'doc' of null

pls try to change the args and check once again for submitted record
refresh: function(doc) {

Print undefined

get Error
ReferenceError: frm is not defined

i)console.log(doc.docstatus); this console pls see submitted records(it’s must print)
ii)console.log(frm.doc.docstatus); to remove frm like
iii)ur function only call docstatus ==1 otherwise this function not working
get_indicator: function(doc) {

how can I solve it?

get_indicator trigger why is call in submitted doc??

becoz u r select is submitable check box tat y it’s not call function…if u want list view to remove is submitable check otherwise list view function (get_indicator: function(doc) {)working after submission records.

how frm.doc will work? it is only for single form. you are using this in list view page thats y u got “”“Cannot read property ‘docstatus’ of undefined”“”.
just print console.log(frm) then you will get some idea based on result

when I inactive the workflow it is worked!
get_indicator it is not work with workflow!

but I need the workflow and I want change style color customize for specific doc
I tried sol in these thread but did not work with me