Workflow Color Styles - all grey

I have assigned colors for my Purchase Order Approval workflow but it seems that it is not working. The Workflow States do change but the colors do not (just grey). Can anyone check on this and give me advise on what to do? Thanks!



from where you assigned colors ?[quote=“airzoink, post:1, topic:16615”]
I have assigned colors for my Purchase Order Approval workflow but it seems that it is not working.

Check indicator.js


From Workflow State->Style. I did not touch any code. It was working fine before i did updates. I also changed the Workflow State Field to workflow_states. I previously changed the labels from my old records and the labels worked fine. Just the color that are not changing.

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I’m having the same issue here on v7.1 develop, all the status are shown in grey color, no code was modified, and it was working fine before this week updates like @airzoink said.

@applepipe and @airzoink

indicator color for your workflow state depends on your style given for that state.

Style represents the button color: Success - Green, Danger - Red, Inverse - Black, Primary - Dark Blue, Info - Light Blue, Warning - Orange

why ?


It is configured as you described, in this case Primary:

But in list view this is the result:

I did not change the name or anything related to workflow.


Check style gave for workflow state

add styles and check

It was configured as Primary like the screenshot in my previous post, changed to success but no luck, no matter what style I choose the status is always in grey.

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It changes indicator color, not status color.

I used the wrong term, where you read status, you can read indicator.

So that my label indicators would update.

We were also facing same issue, I have created issue on github, please leave comment on that if you are also facing same issue.

@nabinhait changes caused this problem, I have reverted it and created a pull request


Great! I have seen the changes. It solved the problem. Thank you so much. @johnskywalker

fixed in latest release via Indicator based on workflow state · frappe/frappe@0d85284 · GitHub

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Thank you, it solved the problem!

do you know how can i customize more color for workflow state?