List with docs in module is not updated

I’ve added new doctype and added link to it to quotation.
Now I’m able to select new doctype in quotations and create new one.

I also returned it in config/ On my local development environment list with setup doctypes for selling module contains my new doc type. I’ve did the same trick on prod environment but list is not updated. I’ve tried to run

bench build-website
bench clear-cache
bench clear-website-cache

but it didn’t help.

Example of config/

"label": _("Setup"),
            "icon": "icon-cog",
             "items": [
                    "type": "doctype",
                    "name": "Selling Settings",
                    "description": _("Default settings for selling transactions.")
                    "type": "doctype",
                    "name": "My DOCTYPE",
                    "description": _("some text"),

Post request:


result didn’t have created doc type, python *.pyc file is deleted too.

bench restart did the trick.