Listview does not refresh

This query is on erpnext8.0 hospital. But problem i am facing may be generic to all features.

I have only 3 columns in list view (DocType “Patient Admission”). Its patient, status and current facility. I am adding one more column ‘Doctor’ (for display) in list view, in docType by selecting “In List View”. Even after refresh start-stop bench, i dont see the 4th column for display. I tried adding other ‘fields’ in list view but no change. listview never gets updated with 4th field. I have seen in one of the discussion that max column can be displayed in listview is only 4.

could you help me on why 4th column not being added to list view?

The column with the Code IP- 000XX is considered as the fourth column.

Hello ArundhatiS,

The last column IP is the ID and ID gets displayed for all the list. that is not part of user configured 4 column. Please check any other list view. I have pasted “Patient” list view below as an example.


List view allows only 4 columns including document name.
It shows 5 column when there is Title Field