Listview page lists data from multiple DocType?

I want to use list view to show data from multiple DocType.

How would you go about doing this? Server Script is a must, I guess.

Any comments?

Maybe using virtual doctype, based on a SQL query with UNION … I think you will need more than a server script :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I guess you just need the view, not editing the content, right? In this case, probably creating other view on a page could be an easier way.

Hope this helps.

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Great! Yeah, I always wonder how virtual doctype can be used. This could be a way.

Regarding “creating view on page”, can you elaborate more? The implementation is a bit muddy at the moment…

You can create a page, and create your own “listview” with HTML tables, or similar …, even using js components, etc …

Check this :

Hope this helps.


Thank you! You are my hero!