LMS Docs Incomplete?


I’ve been looking at the online docs and the in-built DocTypes for the LMS app and it seems to be lacking in information. I have also watched the Introducing Frappe LMS training course.

Is there any other place I can find more information on all the features available?

I’m looking to set it up as a training system for work, as opposed to a traditional learning course.

For example, can it setup online Questions and save written (well typed) responses to the questions on the site, so they can be assessed later? The Assignment option {{ Assignment(“id-filetype”) }} looks close but is it to download a file, which is filled in and submitted separately?

Can you setup a Read and Understand option, so that a user is presented with a document (PDF/Word) to read and then confirms this once done?

Any further information would be great.

U have a soulation

@pmjd I’m also looking for the same functionalities. Have you find any way to do those?

@Yousri_Sallam and @Abeermonaqil

Unfortunately not. There was a recent update announced to the LMS which has a few enchancements

But it still looks more modelled as a fixed date/class style of training, rather than individual or on demand training for a workplace.

I was going to start looking at other options (Moodle and FormaLMS) but it’s not been a priority at the moment.

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