LMS Module doc types conflict with Healthcare Module

In ERPNext v14, LMS module doctype “Exercise” and “Assessment” have a conflict with Healthcare module (Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy section) doctypes “Exercise” and “Assessment”.

We were aiming to use LMS module for internal employee training and our core module is Healthcare. Because of this conflict we are unable to use both LMS and healthcare modules together as its causing errors. Can you please check and suggest.
@Jannat_Patel @ChillarAnand

There is a doctype called Exercise but there is not doctype called Assessment in LMS App. I will address the conflict with Exercise.

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Thank you for looking into the above request. We look forward to the resolution so that we can get started with our LMS implementation.

This issue has been resolved. If you now install the LMS app along with the Healthcare app, you won’t face any conflicts.

Thank you very much for the quick resolution😊

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