LMS v Education Module - Differences?


I have installed ERPNext v14, and also the new LMS app.

I thought the LMS module was the new name for the Education module but the options seem to be different.

Are they seperate but related modules, or are they distinctly different? If so, what are the differences?

I’m looking to use one as a training system at work, to all training to be rolled out to selected users, with different levels of qualification required to be achieved depending on role. Nothing long and fancy, more Read and Understand SOPs etc, soemtimes written assessments with questions and evidence of training required.

Would either LMS or Education function as well for this role, compared to another system like Moodle?


Education module is an app (separated app now) that let you manage a school or any educational center (students, instructors, enrollments) and it’s integrated with ERPNext.

LMS is a Learning Management software, as Moodle, Chamilo and others … able to create and manage learning contents itself (on line courses, lessons, evaluation, etc …)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, that clears that aspect up.

how can I integrate the education module with the LMS nodule so that courses in the LMS will automatically appear in the education module