Loan amount not shown on total deduction on salary report

Dear Erp Next Team,
we are using the payroll and loan management system perfectly almost for 2300 employees
but what our problem right now is the loan amount is visible on salary slip but its not visible on salary register report total deduction,it will be deducted automatically from net pay so is it possible to show the loan deducted on total deduction?
thanks in advance

Hi @fikerjayz,

Thanks for bringing this up. I noticed this myself. My own client is just about getting into payroll processing.

In screenshot of the Salary Register above my Gross Pay N300,000; Pensions deduction NN8,400, which is the same figure as Total Deduction but Net Pay N286,600. The variance of N5,000 is loan deduction for the month, which is not reflected in this report.

I believe someone in the house has a suggestion that may help (apart from the option of exporting to Excel and manually inputting the loan amounts).

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Someone has submitted a request for this on github.

Hello house, I trust everyone is having a great day. I thought I should do a follow up on the issue of loan deduction not displaying on the Salary Register report. Is there an update concerning this request?

Here’s a big up to the Frappe Team for a wonderful job. for all your efforts are making ERPNext a world-class app.

The issue of the loan amount deducted from an employee’s pay not displaying on the SALARY REGISTER has been addressed. Thank you so much. There’s need for some tweaking though.

The last employee pay record in the screenshot above shows Gross Pay N400,000 while Net Pay N278,000, leaving a difference of N122,000. Ideally, the N122,000 should be displayed in the Total Deduction column. Instead, we have it as the addition of the LOAN REPAYMENT and TOTAL DEDUCTION.

I think this has happened in the SALARY REGISTER report because these fields actually fetch the figures from the Salary Slip.

I recommend that the TOTAL DEDUCTION field, both on the SALARY REGISTER and the Salary Slip be amended to add up these two fields.