Localhost:8080 doesn't respond after installation


I've tried to install ERPNext in CentOS 6.3 32 bit in VirtualBox on MacOSX. I did the following:

Follow instructions on https://github.com/webnotes/erpnext/wiki/Install-ERPNext-on-RedHat-based-systems
Execute installation according to https://github.com/webnotes/erpnext/wiki/How-to-Install-ERPNext
Create a port forwarding rule in VM settings (under Network -> Portforwarding) to forward TCP to

Upon finishing the ERPNext installation, it prompts that the system is available on the host computer at localhost:8080. However, the page doesn't load (nor is it displaying any connection problems).

Any ideas or suggestions on where to start solving this problem?

Thanks in advance!



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