Localhost error 10061

after creating new library site, I cannot open on localhost:8000. I am running Oracle Virtualbox on my WIndows 7 host.

The socket connection to localhost failed.
ErrorCode: 10061.
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I have set windows firewall off, still the error persists.

However I can run Erpnext site on localhost:8080

what can be the problem

Do you have a problem with bench starting or connecting your VM with your Windows Desktop?

the problem seem to be with bench start, as I am able to access erpnext on VM. I get some socket error when I run library site and access from url locahost:8000 it gives error 10061

u can check screenshot of linux command lines after I start bench at

hello folks…this is really taking time to resolve

output of curl -I localhost:8000 HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND
output of curl -I localhost HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Clearly says, there is already a process running.

I m running erpnext on VM. question is can I develop and run new app or I Need to install frappe bench on local unix

You mean the pre-configured VM from erpnext.com

You could develop on the VM, but its best to setup your own bench so you understand the environment.

how can I immediately set up frappe bench/ framewok on my windows laptop?

You can download the Virtual Image from:


Install instructions also available.

As in the discussion above we already have done it. We also created new app and site. But having error in running the new site with Localhost error. Is there way to set it right?