Localized Currencies and Date Formats

Dear all,

I have just pushed a major updates where we have tried to localize currencies with symbols and number formats. We will add more in this again tomorrow.

If you have noticed, we have already released the language feature by stealth and though right now we have not pushed many languages, we plan to start releasing languages in the near future.

Some other updates include:

1. We will no longer use permission level to make fields read-only. This will be done via the new read-only property in the DocField. This property will not be over-ridden. For existing users though, the permissions will not change.
2. All non-currency numbers (floats), like quantities, percentages etc. that were previously defined as currencies are now converted to floats.
3. In float, you can specify the "length" property for number of decimals.

More later.


W: https://erpnext.com
T: @rushabh_mehta

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