Location in "Assets" not my location


Trying to submit an Asset. And for an Asset a location is required.
I have created a location , but what i sbothering me is that the location
indicated on the “map” section of “location” it places the “pin” of my location as completely

I thought that it might be a location of my internet service provider, that , via my IP address
ERPNext location thinks that I am at my ISP location. But even they are not on the
location-spot indicated on the map.

I entered the GPS coordinates of my own place but that does not move the marker on
the map.

Can someone perhaps provice some guidnace?


Update …

What is also part of the issue … which location is displayed in the “google-map” interfase
when defining a “location” … is it the user location or the server location. In mycase , the
server is at the opposite side of the world from where I am.