Location support in ERPNext


i would like to ask if is possible to activate location in ERPNext or if it is planned. For example to save the coordinates maps location in a delivery note when is submitted.


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This seems really simple. If you get this done in the community, we can accept a pull-request

  1. Add a column for co-ordinates
  2. Add button to track location
  3. Show in map (leaflet.js)

Ask @makarand_b if he is free (?)

HI, thanks for the tip, i was asking but he is busy with another project.

@info do post a job at https://community.erpnext.com/jobs

Hi, sorry to start this discussion but we do not think the jobs page is suitable for these simple tasks, it is much better than if someone is interested, just posts here or send us the hours needed and the quote. If it is too expensive, we look for more people interested to fund the feature until the budget is covered. It is really simple. And it is what we expect.

What is not simple for us is the following: wasting time on making requirements just to receive standard comments from companies that explain their experience with ERPNext, then contact these companies, then usually they have only standard solutions, then we waste more time for just a simple task… sorry but for us the jobs site does not meet our needs for simple projects. We expect that the developers or companies interested in making a job save time from the customers, not the other way around.


Any help will speed it up!
Here is a pull request for anyone interested to participate