Log in screen showing blank?

log in screen showing blank

pls help

Currently this is only happening if you install ERPNExt on a stand-alone box without internet access.

For some reason the login screen needs to make a call to some file on the internet before it finishes displaying the screen.


Have a look in the Developer Tools of the Browser. I’ve got the same problem after an update. One of the Items (own report) was impossible to be shown. So no other Item was shown due to an JS error.

@FHammer thanks for reply, how you resolve this ??

This depends on the error. Please sent a Screenshot from the JS error if you have one.

Hi !

I’ve tried to simulate your situation. What I think is that you may use a wrong browser. Even if I use Microsoft Internet Explorer I’ll also don’t get any Login-Screen. Using Firefox or Chrome (suggested) everything works fine. Please check it.

Hello @swapnil_shingade
Can you post your console logs here?
Open your Developer Tools and go to console.

I also have this issue and this is my screenshot