Login authorization error after upgrading to new UI on develop branch

Hello everyone,

i switched my instance from v13-beta to develop branch having the new UI. the upgrade went smooth and i was able to use it since i was already logged in before the upgrade. But after logout, i am not able to login back. it seems all users are not able to log in with their existing password.

i tried bench --site [sitename] set-admin-password [newpassword]

But this doesn’t reset the Administrator password. Anybody experienced the same? any login changes done in the new version?

Each time i use this bench command bench --site [sitename] set-admin-password [newpassword] with the same password, i am getting different values in the password field of _Auth table. is this the expected behaviour? i thought the values will be same since the password is encrypted with a constant and same password should give same value everytime.

This also happens on new install. I installed erpnext on new ubuntu server with develop branch. The installation was successful. i restored database from my v13-beta server (also tried excluding ‘Administrator’ user from user list and _Auth table) and after that the site is inaccessible once logged out. Admin password also cannot be reset. Strange. Any suggestions?