Login forgets me every day

Hello, my ERPNext instance requires me to login every day. Isn’t there a way to make it remember me for, say, one month, so that I don’t have to login again?


There are several password managers(ex. https://lastpass.com/ ) are available. Even Google, Firefox offer inbuilt password manager features. I think this may help you.

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HI @sunilsrikumar, yes and I use one, 1Password, but I still think it would make sense for ERPNext to optionally memorize your login with a cookie so that you could automatically login for, say, 30 days. It’s a pretty common feature everywhere. I wouldn’t want to have to login to GMail every time I want to read my email.


You can set Session Expiry in Setup → System Settings.
Set session expiry to 720 for 30 days.

Another alternative is, you can activate google or github login in ERPNext.
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Ah! Perfect! That fixes it. Thanks!

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