Login not working after update

I updated with command:

$ bench update

Everything went fine and processes restarted after update.

Now when I login, it doesn’t take me to /desk. It shows in url “my-hostname/login?” and I’m on the same login page again.

I tried manually visiting “my-hostname/desk”. I’m not logged in.


Try logging in from incognito / private browsing mode. Does this happen for all users?

I just tried logging in with my user.

I cleared history, cache of the browser.
tried logging in, showed same page.
So I clicked “sign in” button again and it showed /desk

Now, Login works as it should. Click once on “sign in”.

Must have been some mess in browser cache.
I feel dumb, that I didn’t try clearing browser cache!

Problem SOLVED. Everything back to normal.

Thanks for your response, it helped.