Login page image not loading properly

I tried updating the image size and set to public, even cleared the cache.
But the image is not loading properly as you can see in the ss.

Thank You

Whenever you upload an image, the file name of that image should not contain spaces.

Remove the image, and again upload the image.

Reload Ctrl+Shift+R and check it.

there is no space and i also tried

By inspect element, check what url comes there or not. Because you have to solve this yourself, we don’t know any more.

@rs115199789 the login image and the brand image are not the same . scroll down to the login image field .

Thanks for the instructions.
sorted out, may i know what is brand image ?

Good catch @bahaou :wink:

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thanks for your help too :slight_smile:
may i know what is brand image ?

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