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Hi everyone,

I’m still using version 9.2.15 on production and I’m having this issue like some other users already posted on the forum. Every time a “Website User” wants to log in keeps seeing the “Verifying…” message but if I refresh the page the login was successful. This particular problem does not occur with users that have access to desk.


I haven’t made any change on doctypes or server scripts, and if I rollback to a backup from yesterday using “bench restore” the problem is no more. Any ideas how this could be happening?

I did run “bench renew-lets-encrypt” a couple of days ago to renew the https certificate and everything was ok after that, so I guess this hasn’t caused the issue.

So, if the problem could be only on the DB, right? any ideas on how this can be happening?

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Hi Everyone, any idea?

I’ve also run “bench clear-cache” && “bench build” and problem persists :frowning:

Any idea of what might be causing that?

Really appreciate!

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I did run also “bench migrate” && “bench clear-website-cache” and “bench build” but everything stills the same.

I managed to find a temporary solution it is not the ideal one, but it redirects the user to /me and avoids the freezing screening saying “Verifying…” It has one disadvantage, if the user fails to login with the correct credentials it will be redirected to /me anyway and it is shown “don’t have enough permissions”.

I’ve just edited the login.js file on “/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/templates/includes/login/login.js” and added a jquery to redirect after 3s.
It may help someone with the problem, but isn’t definitely the right way to solve the problem.

login.call = function(args, callback) {
    login.set_indicator("{{ _('Verifying...') }}", 'blue');
    $(document).ready(function () {
        // Handler for .ready() called.
        window.setTimeout(function () {
            location.href = "/me";
        }, 3000);
    return frappe.call({
            type: "POST",
            args: args,
            callback: callback,
            freeze: true,
            statusCode: login.login_handlers



seems like an error with a shopping cart that cant be calculated respectively a script related to the cart and corresponding calculations so the webuser´s account cant be prepared… if you run production why not running an update in the very near future at a safe time… we are running version 10.x.x master at the moment I recon the errror might be gone then since a lot has changed.

any one else with counter opinions?

when click login it show me a message
you are not permitted to login !!!
any suggestions
thank you

If you created a new custom server. Then the first login would be:

User: Administrator
Password: (The password that was set during the install process)

This will start the setup process. After completion you can create new users.
Also try logging in twice if fresh install.