Login problems (correct passwd, cleaned cache ecc.)

I downloaded the latest ERPNext virtual machine (.ova) from the official website and run it on a Linux Mint 19.1 Virtualbox host.

In order to free computing resources when I don’t use ERPNext I put the VM on standby (by saving its state). I have been doing so since 4-5 days which is also as long as I have been using ERPNext.

I can’t login anymore.
The password is correct (password manager)
I did a “bench update”
I cleaned the browser cache (link)
I did both a “bench migrate” and “bench build” (link)

But login fails with the message that I don’t have permission to access the desk-page.

Any help?

Sir, please try below.

Dear Mr. Thakor,

many thanks!
Rebooting the VM fixed the problem; it leaves me wondering because I had rebooted it at least 3 times before, with no success though. I will hold on to your advice should this login problems happen again, and also leave a feedback here.