Login using Social Keys like Google and Facebook

I have tried to follow this process but it seems that Google and Facebook has completely changed the way to use respective ID to login on 3rd party sites.


Please share new process of allowing Social Keys login on ERPNext website.

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Did you figure this out?

No. Have asked my technician to look into it. Will update if we succeed.

Its fixed now.
Facebook issue was, they have a new navigation under Products > Facebook Login.
Also Need to disable Require App Secret
The Advance tab does not have the URL redirection field anymore.

For Google they also have new looks so just have to find the fields under different tabs.

Now we are able to connect login with Facebook and Google both.

can you provide more clarfication, or a working example?

i am trying to put it working to show to a prospect, where as it is not working.

i have the app created on facebook, however, on erpnext sde, base url, authentication url and token access url are needed.

i’d appreciate help with that. an updated step by step would be great.

thank you.

fernando a. bender

Hi i found the new tutorial

make sure that your website is secure https facebook won’t allow you if not …

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