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Hello everyone
After updating the application to version 12.19, it is not possible to login with username, only with email address.
Has anyone else had the same problem?

after version upgrade
i can’t login at all

You can log in only with the email address and password
Hopefully they solve it soon

i had this issue too with latest develop branch… i upgraded from v13-beta to develop. I used it since i was logged in prior to upgrade… but after logout, i am not able to login back, even using an email and password.

for the time being
use forgot password and log in
if you are administrator go to system setting uncheck “Allow Login using Mobile Number”

Unfortunately there are sites everyone are logged out and no one can log back in. Not even the administrator.

Yes, and i am not able to reset the Administrator password from bench too. So no way to log in back. Is the team working on this?

Yes. I had raised a github issue and there is a comment saying they are investigating this issue.

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In my initial configuration “allow use of mobile number” was not checked:
Login user with username: Yes
Login user with email: Yes
Login Administrator: Yes

I have updated to 12.18 → 12.19:
Login user with username: No
Login user with email: Yes
Login Administrator: Yes

I have marked “allow to use mobile number”:
Login user with username: No
Login user with email: No
Login Administrator: No

I have updated Python 2.7.17 → 3.7
Login user with username: No
Login user with email: No
Login Administrator: No

I suggest we use the other thread to have all the information grouped together:

Hello frappe team,

**ERPNext:**  v12.19.0 (version-12)

**Frappe Framework:**  v12.16.1 (version-12)

Yes I can confirm, after updating to this version users cannot login to the system using username, while some can login using email but not all can login.
This also breaks Enable Password Policy as default to 2 level but even with strong password it says you need symbols and number which is weird bug.

Enable Password Policy
If enabled, the password strength will be enforced based on the Minimum Password Score value. A value of 2 being medium strong and 4 being very strong.

I will follow up on the github issue. Any timeline to push this in hotfix?

@rahy Please share the link of the github issue as I am not able to find it in bench and frappe repo.
Update: Found the issue It have a manual fix which doesnt seem to work either.

Update2: Only users with System Manager access are able to login


for me, i am on the develop branch and happened when i updated my v13-beta to develop. since i was logged as Administrator before updating, i was able to use it until i logged out. After that i was not able to log in again.

Since the following thread is already closed, I’m continuing here.

I’ve updated our server to the latest versions:
ERPNext: v12.19.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.16.2 (version-12)

But the behavior is still the same. Login with the username still doesn’t work. Only when using the email address works (we don’t use the login with mobile number).

Our security settings:
[ ] Allow only one session per user
[ ] Allow Login using Mobile Number
[x] Allow Login using User Name
[x] Show Full Error and Allow Reporting of Issues to the Developer

Enable Password Policy is turned off.

The console log:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/app.py", line 54, in application
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/app.py", line 125, in init_request
    frappe.local.http_request = frappe.auth.HTTPRequest()
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/auth.py", line 51, in __init__
    frappe.local.login_manager = LoginManager()
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/auth.py", line 105, in __init__
    if self.login()==False: return
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/auth.py", line 126, in login
    self.authenticate(user=user, pwd=pwd)
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/auth.py", line 216, in authenticate
    self.fail('Invalid login credentials')
  File "/opt/bench/erpnext/apps/frappe/frappe/auth.py", line 276, in fail
    raise frappe.AuthenticationError

The latest Frappe Framework update: v12.16.2 (version-12) has fixed “Allow Login using Mobile Number” but not “Allow Login using User Name”

no it does not work for both of them
not mobile number or username

i have read the auth.py and found that they did major changes and did not mentioned the username on it or the mobile number, they are using a new technique which is caused that failure

From the Github issue:

Thanks for bringing this up. We are looking into it and should be fixed by end of day. Thanks!

Hi @Bassam_Mamdouh ,

Login with username is not working currently but you can use Email ID to login. By checking system setting Allow Login using Mobile Number , you should be able to login using mobile number as well.

yes i know, but even login using mobile number does not work with me

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Issue has been fixed with the recent release version 12.16.3.

Please update Frappe app to resolve this issue.

P.S: Issue is also fixed in develop branch

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It’s fixed in the latest release, thanks!