Logistics custom Module Submittion for review

hi All…

Due to our needs, i have made a Logistics Module for ERPnext which includes Fighters / Shippers, shipping types and methods and some extra information…

how can i submit this module for review? and how?


Hi, do you want to merge this module into ERPNext?

If so, then send a pull request to our ERPNext Github Repo

@vjFaLk yes, i would like to add it to ERPnext so anyone can use, and keep it in future updates as well…

i will do so…


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@ramielian Thanks for sharing it with the community! Bravo!!


Can you share your app on Github.

yeah @ramielian i would like to play with that aswell

I’m also curious to check this application. Are you still willing to publish it?

Hi. We are interested in this. Anyone has been able to test it? Do let us know.

I’m interested, share your app link


Can you still please share the App. Great job on the concept