Logo can't display

Dear communities:

My logo can’t display like the picture below
but I do upload a picture

is the problem about version?
this is my version:
erpnext 8.0.28
frappe 8.0.46

or I guess this is a probable reason

I find that I don’t have “attach image” , why?


Did you edited anything Doctype ‘DocType’ ??

I think I didn’t do change in that

it should be Attach Image and not Attach ImAge Commodity Tags
just check with Doctype ‘Doctype’

sorry I didn’t see the “Attach ImAge Commodity Tags” in doctype “Doctype”
could please tell more detail thanks

I found it in “Docfield” and change it to “Attach Image”
and I back to customize form it is still Attach ImAge Commodity Tags in the select list
why does this happened ?

try clearing cache and bench start again

I’m really sorry , still not valid